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Internationally recognised excellence in health and medical research and innovation

Western Australia has an emerging health and medical life sciences industry that is on the cusp of many new and exciting opportunities. We are recognised as having a world-class research base and entrepreneurial talent in health and medical life sciences. This expertise is supported by outstanding research infrastructure including 5 universities (3 of which have medical schools) and multiple highly-regarded medical research institutes.

The state also boasts a highly-skilled, collaborative medical research workforce and technologically advanced hospitals including Fiona Stanley Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital.

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Quick facts

Home to more than one-third of approved drugs from Australian universities

8 of Australia’s 15 biodiversity hotspots

179 life sciences organisations, employing more than 22,000 people


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Genomics and proteomics

Western Australia has substantial expertise and capabilities in ‘omics’ technologies, which enable biomarkers and/or signature profiles to inform treatment options. Western Australia is home to Genomics WA, Proteomics International and the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC).

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International research collaboration

Located in Western Australia, the ANPC is the international centre of expertise in metabolic phenotyping and is affiliated with the International Phenome Centre Network (IPCN). Its sophisticated biological analysis technology will transform and optimise disease prevention, diagnosis, and precision health.

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Biodiversity hotspots

8 of Australia’s 15 biodiversity hotspots are in Western Australia. This biodiversity presents bioprospecting opportunities for researchers and industry practitioners to identify characteristics in native flora and fauna that could have commercial applications in health.

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Commercial chemistry

Based in Western Australia, Epichem is Australia’s only commercial chemistry company for drug discovery, drug development, drug design and pharmaceutical reference standard production and manufacture. Epichem export 80% of their products and services to the United States and Europe and are recognised in the top ten small to medium enterprise (SME) employers of PhD graduates in Australia.

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Data science and high-performance computing

Western Australia has strong data science infrastructure and high-performance computing to support health and medical research and translation, including the Pawsey Supercomputer and DUG Technology high performance computing as a service (HPCaaS).

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Precision healthcare

Western Australia is committed to supporting growth in the life sciences industry to enable the convergence of advances in emerging technologies and knowledge domains that are enabling the pursuit of new, more precise models of healthcare.

Why Western Australia

In Western Australia you will find:

  • an internationally recognised research base achieving scientific excellence, commercial success and life-changing health and medical outcomes for Australia and the world. 
  • world-class research infrastructure and health and medical organisations, including at least at least 41 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, 53 medtech and digital health companies, 22 research institutions and 63 services and support organisations.
  • unique geographical opportunities with a large concentration of biodiversity hotspots
  • an emerging health and medical life sciences industry with growing support from all levels of government
  • locally based specialist advice and services available in intellectual property (IP) protection related to the commercialisation of innovative products and services.


Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy

The new Health and Medical Life Sciences Industry Strategy will guide Western Australian Government initiatives to stimulate and strengthen the industry over the next four years, and position the health and medical life sciences sector in WA as a world-leading, sustainable and value-adding industry.

Western Australian Life Sciences Innovation Hub

The MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub is co-funded through the WA Government’s New Industries Fund and the University of Western Australia to accelerate economic growth and create new jobs and industries. It delivers programs to connect the innovation community, build capacity and new skills, attract investment, and foster commercialisation.

New Industries Fund

The New Industries Fund (NIF) supports and accelerates new and emerging businesses in Western Australia through a series of new initiatives, including Innovation Hubs and Science Industry PhD Fellowships, that are designed to increase collaboration across industry, academia and government.

WA Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund Strategy 2020-2022

The FHRI Fund represents an exciting long-term, strategic approach to investment into elevating the state’s standing as a centre of excellence in health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation. The FHRI Fund Strategy will guide the development of the funding programs and initiatives.

More information


WA tech company delivers new solutions globally

Western Australian software company Martialytics builds member management software for gyms and martial arts schools. In 2020, they reacted quickly to the global pandemic – rolling out a new software tool in only 5 days, helping their clients around the world survive and thrive.


Innovative WA biotech to export medical collagen

High-quality collagen produced from sheep skins will be exported from Western Australia as a medical grade product by an innovative local biotech company.

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