Western Australian Export Awards




WA Export Awards 2023 Gala Night Highlights

AVI on the stage being presented the Exporter of the Year Award

Meet the winners of the Western Australian Export Awards 2023! The categories showcase the diversity of the State's economy, with all winners now in the running for the national awards in November.

Meet our winners
WA Export Awards 2023

Recognising Western Australian exporters

The Western Australian (WA) Export Awards annual program acknowledges the success and resilience of WA exporters and their achievements in the international market.

Exports of goods and services contributed more than $250 billion to the WA economy in 2021-22.

13 award categories are open for application, showcasing the State’s diverse range of exports. WA exporters are encouraged to apply in one or more of these categories:

  • Advanced Technologies
  • Agribusiness, Food and Beverages
  • Creative Industries
  • e-Commerce
  • Emerging Exporter
  • International Education and Training
  • International Health
  • Manufacturing and Advanced Materials
  • Resources and Energy
  • Professional Services
  • Regional Exporter
  • Small Business
  • Sustainability and Green Economy.



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