A global powerhouse for energy exports.

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A global powerhouse for energy exports

The world’s growing demand for energy, especially clean energy, means Western Australia is at the forefront of the next wave of global energy production.

Western Australia has substantial reserves of natural gas – an important energy in the transition to a low carbon economy – and unmatched opportunities to generate renewable energy. Western Australia is the world’s largest lithium producer and has among the largest reserves in the world for all battery minerals.

Our companies are at the leading edge of innovation in the sector, not only in mining, processing, petroleum engineering and technical services, but also in technologies directly relevant to the battery industry.

Quick facts

Our Pilbara region has solar energy potential of 2,350 kWh/m2/year   

13% of global LNG exports came from Western Australia in 2019

52% of world lithium production came from Western Australia in 2019


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Global resources hub

Perth is a globally significant energy city and home to the largest concentration of oil and gas corporations in Australia, with over 400 international companies servicing the sector.

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Western Australia's burgeoning green hydrogen industry has significant potential to be part of the new clean energy landscape.

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Future battery industry

With access to high-quality minerals, a skilled workforce and innovative technologies, Western Australia is creating a world-leading, sustainable, value-adding future battery industry.

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Natural Gas (LNG and downstream industries)

WA has some of the world’s largest offshore gas reserves, resulting in opportunities both for the export of LNG and for the development of gas-intensive downstream industries.

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Renewable Energy

Unmatched opportunities to generate renewable energy with large land mass, abundant sunshine and consistent winds.

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World-class industrial ecosystem

Strategic industrial land designed for investment in downstream processing and other strategic industrial activities, such as cathode active materials manufacturing.

Why Western Australia

In Western Australia you will find:

  • world-class industrial and export infrastructure, with some of the world’s largest ports
  • access to land, infrastructure, water, power, suppliers, research centres and skilled workers
  • the world’s largest single lithium reserve, with 5 lithium mines in operation and two processing plants under construction
  • world-leading innovation in microgrid technologies, with over 30 isolated microgrids
  • globally recognised expertise and research capacity in mining and mineral processing
  • a transparent project approval system that guarantees strong environmental and social standards for the ethnical and sustainable production of critical raw materials
  • well-established trade relationships and export networks, with proximity to the world’s most significant global battery industry participants, including Japan, China, India and South Korea.


Renewable Hydrogen Information Portal

An online portal for industry and investors to help identify possible sites for large-scale renewable energy and hydrogen production across Western Australia. The interactive mapping tool brings together multiple datasets to guide the prospecting process.

Future Battery Industry Strategy

The rapid uptake of electric vehicles and battery-based energy storage systems across the world is driving global demand for lithium-ion batteries. The Future Battery Industry Strategy outlines how Western Australia will attract investment into our local battery industry.

LNG Jobs Taskforce

The LNG Jobs Taskforce is a collaboration between government and industry to create new opportunities for industry on the back of Western Australia's competitively priced gas supply and position as a global LNG hub, servicing Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

More information


Asian Renewable Energy Hub

Located in the East Pilbara, the project will harness Western Australia’s abundant wind and solar resources, supply competitively priced power to the Pilbara, and produce green hydrogen and ammonia for export.


The Ministerial Council on Trade and Investment was co-hosted in Perth

Ministers, Senior Government Officials, and leaders from across the Commonwealth gathered in Perth to discuss emerging issues and investment and trade priorities.

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