Indonesia Connect Roadshow 2023 Directory

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Indonesia Connect Roadshow 2023 Delegate Directory

Indonesia Connect Roadshow 2023 aims to strengthen relations and unlock new trade and investment partnerships between Western Australia and Indonesia. 

Western Australia has the largest trading relationship with Indonesia of any Australian state or territory. The relationship between the two regions is supported by the Western Australia-East Java sister-state relationship and the Western Australia's collaboration with the Singharasi Special Economic Zone in East Java. 

Indonesia Connect Roadshow 2023 features 5 industry streams: energy transition; international education; primary industries; creative industries and the digital economy; and tourism. 


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Future State

A vision for a smarter, more sustainable and diversified economy for Western Australia

Indonesia Market Outlook

A market overview of Indonesia for 2022-23

Battery and Critical Minerals Prospectus

A guide on investment opportunities across Western Australia's battery and critical minerals value chains.

WA's ESG Industry Information Pack

Information on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes for Western Australia's key industries.

Diversify WA

A vision for a smarter, more sustainable and diversified economy for Western Australia

Data centre prospectus

The data centre prospectus highlights the State's potential as a hub for data centre operations to global industry and investors.

WA's Future Battery Industry Strategy

This strategy aims to grow WA's future battery industry, and transform it into a large source of economic development, diversification, jobs and skills.

WA's Asian Engagement Strategy

This strategy provides a framework for WA's long-term engagement with key Asian markets.

WA's Innovation Strategy

This strategy outlines a 10-year plan to establish Western Australia as a global hub of invention, investment, innovation and impact.

WA's Future Battery and Critical Minerals Industries Strategy Update

This strategy update outlines the WA Government's ongoing commitment to the development of the State's future battery and critical minerals industry.

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