WA Export Awards 2023


WA Export Awards 2023: International Health Category Winner


WA Export Awards: Linear Clinical Research Ltd


Linear Clinical Research Ltd is the winner of the WA Export Awards 2023 International Health Category. 

The International Health Category recognises outstanding international success in health and wellbeing. This includes biotechnology, medical technology, digital health, medical and health fields, e-health, aged care services, complementary healthcare and pharmaceuticals. 

Linear Clinical Research is an innovative, 48-bed, not-for-profit clinical trial facility based in Perth, Western Australia. Linear has worked on over 430 studies since its formation in 2010 across a wide range of therapeutic areas. With two state-of-the-art clinical facilities, Linear can support the execution of all trial phases with a key focus on delivering studies as fast as possible without compromising on quality and data integrity.

At Linear, the focus is on its phase I facility to support first in human through to phase II and III clinical trials and we support studies in most therapeutic areas spanning oncology and non-oncology. Linear has extensive experience in conducting trials in all phases in both healthy volunteers and patients, specialising in early phase studies including "first-in-human" studies. Linear is not just a facility, but has a variety of departments that specialise in running the clinical trial from clinical strategy development, medical, project management, start up, recruitment, clinical unit team, data management, quality assurance, and laboratory. These dedicated functional teams work together to ensure high-touch customer service and accelerated clinical delivery to the highest safety and quality standards.

Being a tech-forward company, Linear is the Asia Pacific site leader in electronic source data platform, which allows quality assurance, streamlines monitoring and results in trials being completed and locked faster, with live access to information for efficient and information decision making. Reliable clinical trial data is one thing, but at Linear they go further. They actively listen, contribute ideas and add value at every stage of their clients' medical mission, so that they can help them to realise their therapy’s medical and commercial potential sooner.


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