Western Australia

Western Australia is a natural choice for business to invest and trade

Invest in and trade with Western Australia

Strategically positioned to do business, Western Australia shares a time zone with some of the fastest growing economies in the world. 

Invest and Trade Western Australia is the 'front door' to assist investors and businesses to engage with established industries and gather critical information to make it easier than ever to do business in and with Western Australia.

In addition to our Perth Hub, we operate an extensive network of international offices across the ASEAN region, China, India-Gulf, North-East Asia, United Kingdom/Europe and Americas regions.  

Let us connect you with opportunities across Western Australia.


Meet our team

Our dedicated teams are located in 6 international hubs across the globe including Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Get in touch with us today.

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Why we are here

To help you understand why Western Australia is the right choice, Invest and Trade WA is making it easier than ever to do business, find a path to secure investment and identify local suppliers and partners in WA to help you grow your business.

We are ready to facilitate investment and trade, providing access to services, programs and initiatives designed to support businesses to trade with, and establish and grow, in our state.

We specialise in linking like-minded investors and buyers with opportunities across the state and collaborating to deliver sustainable business outcomes.

WA business connect

Different projects require different solutions and our wealth of resources and information will ensure investors and businesses are offered the support they need to trade, establish and grow.

Get in touch

If you are looking for opportunities in business, investment or trade, contact our experienced team at Invest and Trade WA.

Our in-house experts can support you directly and provide referrals or introductions across our network of overseas offices, industry bodies and government agencies.


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