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The Western Australian Government operates a network of investment and trade offices in the State’s key trading regions.

Invest and Trade Western Australia acts as WA’s ‘front door’ for investors and exporters, facilitating investment into the State and assisting local industry to access new export markets.

The overseas-based Invest and Trade WA team plays an important role in the ecosystem as WA’s ‘feet on the ground’, fostering people-to-people relationships and advocating on behalf of WA and its existing and emerging industries in key international markets. 

The Invest and Trade WA Perth hub works in partnership with the international offices to support the State’s economic diversification objectives.

If you are looking for opportunities in business, investment or trade, please contact any of the Invest and Trade WA global network of offices. 

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Trade, investment or export enquiry

The Perth Hub

Invest and Trade Western Australia is located at Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation - Level 11, 1 William Street, Perth WA 6000.

Telephone: +61 (08) 6277 3000

Our International Network

The Government of Western Australia operates 16 Invest and Trade Western Australia offices across 6 regions, including hubs in the ASEAN region, India-Gulf, Europe, Greater China, and North East Asia.

The ASEAN offices located in Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam helps Western Australian companies to access South East Asia.

The North East Asia offices located in Japan and South Korea to assist access into this region.

The India-Gulf offices located in Chennai, Mumbai and Dubai enabling access opportunities in this market.




The United Kingdom / Europe offices are located in London and Frankfurt to connect companies with opportunities in this region.

The Americas office located in Austin, Texas connecting opportunities in USA, Canada and Latin America.

The Greater China office located in Shanghai helps companies to access opportunities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Globally Local

Invest and Trade Western Australia is located across the globe, with teams on the ground to help you. Reach out to any of our offices to learn more on how we can support you.

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If you are looking for opportunities in business, investment or trade, contact our experienced team at Invest and Trade WA.

Our in-house experts can support you directly and provide referrals or introductions across our network of overseas offices, industry bodies and government agencies.


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