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The Western Trade Coast has a 65-year history of supporting industrial activity and was one of the first heavy industrial areas established in Western Australia.  

Covering 3,900 hectares between Munster and Rockingham, the Western Trade Coast includes the Kwinana Industrial Area, Rockingham Industry Zone, Australian Marine Complex and Latitude 32. 

Today, the Western Trade Coast is an active industrial precinct, with diverse and unique synergies that link its 4 industrial areas. An attractive location for industrial development, the Western Trade Coast possesses an integrated industrial symbiosis, where companies located in the region engage in product and biproduct exchanges and innovative collaborations.  

The Western Trade Coast will become even more significant with the progress of Westport, the Government’s future port located in Kwinana, and its role in unlocking further industrial development and technological innovation in the region. 


Why the Western Trade Coast

  • Contains Western Australia’s only metropolitan located heavy industrial land
  • Adjacent to deep-water bulk port facilities, road and rail networks, and major water, power and gas utilities
  • 4 specialised training facilities and access to a pool of skilled workers
  • Total economic value of the WTC to the national economy is 18.2 billion 
  • Total employment contribution of 42,900 FTE jobs, with the Western Trade Coast directly and indirectly supporting just under 3% of Western Australia’s total workforce

The Western Trade Coast at a glance

Why a Global Advanced Industries Hub


While the Western Trade Coast continues to support local jobs and provide significant economic benefits to the State, it is nearing the limits of its organic development due to the scarcity of large, development-ready sites to support future heavy industrial projects in the region.  

Recognising the Western Trade Coast’s unique geographical composition and economic contribution to the State, the WA Government announced a commitment to transform the Western Trade Coast into a Global Advanced Industries Hub. This provides a clear mechanism to coordinate and maximise opportunities arising from a variety of Government priorities in the area, and to alleviate the challenges that are currently experienced by industry. 

The Global Advanced Industries Hub Program is a cross government initiative focused on developing the necessary infrastructure, partnerships, and innovation capabilities to support the growth of advanced industries in the Western Trade Coast and position the region as a hub for innovation and economic development. 

The objective of the Global Advanced Industries Hub is to contribute to increasing WA’s economic resilience and growth. 


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Aims of transforming the Western Trade Coast

To preserve and enhance the Western Trade Coast’s economic contribution to the State

Become leaders in Environmental Social and Governance standards

Support industry development and growth through industry clustering and targeted curation

Support the applied application of innovation and technology, including through research and development

Promote coordinated planning and approvals for land and infrastructure to enable industrial activation

Identify and develop new workforce skills and capabilities


Key economic features of the Western Trade Coast

The report "The Western Trade Coast: A Western Australian Global Advanced Industries Hub" provides an updated economic snapshot for the region, and the development of an Interactive Online Tool, which uses the information gathered to create an interactive dashboard.

Western Trade Coast: A Western Australian Global Advanced Industries Hub

Western Trade Coast: Interactive Online Tool

122 Industries

Synergies between current industries located in the Western Trade Coast

$14.8 billion

Total contribution to the Western Australian economy

Job creation

42,900 direct FTE jobs supported by the Western Trade Coast, and 3% of Western Australia’s direct and indirect workforce

Economic multiplier

A multiplier of 1.68. For every $1 invested, there is a $0.68 spill over to the Western Australian economy

$18.2 billion

$18.2 billion in total economic contribution to Australia, accounting for around 1% of Australia’s GDP

Supplies 32 countries

32 countries supplied with at least $10m worth of products by the Western Trade Coast annually

Key program deliverables

Sodium Cyanide Plant - aerial copy

Infrastructure Strategy

The Western Trade Coast Infrastructure Strategy will produce a strategic and coordinated assessment and response to land, infrastructure and utilities constraints in the Western Trade Coast


Workforce Strategy

A Workforce Strategy to support the Government’s efforts to attract, retain and develop a highly skills workforce capable of meeting the demands of Industry within the region

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Investment Prospectus

The Investment Prospectus, and related marketing content will identify and attract future investment in the Western Trade Coast which is aligned with the identified Target Industries

2009a TIA356 - Tianqi

Economic Development

The Economic Development Framework will focus on Industry Development and Attraction, Land and Infrastructure and Skills and Workforce Development and provide a consolidated and complete plan for implementation within the region

Perth’s southern industrial precinct is already home to both establishing and emerging industries, including critical minerals, hydrogen and defence, its Australia’s industrial land gateway to global industries

- Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade, Hon. Roger Cook MLA

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