About the meeting

On 10 November 2023, Western Australia will host the 9th Western Australia-Zhejiang Exchange Committee Meeting.  

The Hon. Roger Cook MLA, Premier of Western Australia, and Mr Xu Wenguang, Executive Vice Governor, will open the meeting that will be attended by government and industry delegates.

The biennial meeting serves to facilitate high-level discussions about the sister-state relationship.  This year, the State will also host an education forum that will facilitate discussions between WA and Zhejiang universities and TAFE colleges, to reactivate projects and make new arrangements.  









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The Government of Western Australia operates 16 Invest and Trade Western Australia offices across 6 regions, including hubs in the ASEAN region, Greater China, and North East Asia.

The world’s growing demand for energy, especially clean energy, means Western Australia is at the forefront of the next wave of global energy production.

Western Australia is abundant in a diverse range of minerals and leads the world in its capacity to identify, develop and extract deposits.

Western Australia is an acclaimed cultural and tourist destination with inspiring treasures to be found – natural wonders, world-class beaches and wineries, a rich Aboriginal culture and vibrant creative communities.

Just a few hours from major Asian cities, is well positioned to provide international students with the knowledge, skills, support and connections they require to enter the increasingly-competitive global job market.

Western Australia's reputation as a reliable supplier of clean, safe and high-quality food provides an entry point for local producers to supply global demand for premium agrifood products.

Western Australia boasts a world-class medical research base with a skilled and collaborative workforce, strong entrepreneurial talent and outstanding research infrastructure.

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